Scooting is a great way to get mobile, fit and to remain healthy

Unlike bike riding, the easy and effortless mobility of scooting can make it a very attractive alternative to our big wheeled bicycle cousins. Scooters tend to be smaller, foldable and lightweight. They can be used for both recreational or commuting purposes and cost a pinch of the price of a bike. More and more people are turning to scooting and the trend is growing. Scooters now come in many designs and aimed at the complete spectrum of ages including, toddlers, young children, tweens, teens, urban dwellers, commuters and parents wanting keep up with their kids. Other benefits include its flexibility as you can hand carry your scooter onto the MRT or the bus making scooting a doable option and ditching the cab to work. Most scooters have the additional add-on that they fit into a scooter bag with a carry handle so you can stow away your scooter as soon as you get to the office. Above all, scooting is considered green and economical and once you have made your purchase there is very little maintenance.  Whatever your scooting purpose is, the nifty scooter it is now looking like a real option to suit your travel needs.

Scooting v bike riding
Scooting takes less skill than bike riding but you still need balance, good scooting practises and road sense to make a safe and comfortable ride. Adult scooters come with two or three wheels. Two wheel scooters tend to be smaller than three wheeled ones, but you do need to have good balance and control to ride one of these. The three wheeled scooters tend to be aimed for recreational use only as they are bigger and weigh more. The ride is different but enjoyable, as the three wheels allows you to glide over uneven surfaces with ease. 
The Australian actor Hugh Jackman – famous for playing Wolverine- is often seen riding the streets of NYC on his two wheeled scooter. He scoots with his daughter to school and they both enjoy the mobility and freedom it offers. For city life, scooting makes perfect sense to get around town and to beat the downtown traffic. 
The health benefits are not to be ignored either with recent evidence that scooting can burn an impressive calorie count proving the kick scooter certainly pays off. Micro Scooters UK have published information citing that scooting for 1 hour burns 480 calories an hour to be exact (based on Energy Expenditure (Kenny, Wilmore and Costill, 2015). In comparison, this is more than cycling. Given we all seem to be time short in our busy compact lives, exercise needs, now more than ever to be incorporated into our it. Combining a commute with a work-out seems to make sense. 
Often we get asked what to do scooter riders wear, and we believe it is about having a sensible approach. Active wear is great but not essential. Our top tips include, wearing flat shoes to maintain your balance; carry a backpack to keep your belongings safe and your hands free or wear a sling bag  across your body; always carry water with you. Many scooters now have water bottle holders that fit onto the neck of the scooter. Finally don’t forget your sunnies and some high factor sun protector.
At the weekends, have fun by taking a trip with your scooters by heading over to the palm tree lined paths along the East Coast Park or try out the many new park connectors that are now on offer. These can be found at the Nparks website : .There is also the new 36 km Central Urban Loop which links the whole island together and worth a ride out.
If you haven’t discovered scooting yet, you might be now tempted. It is offers something for everyone especially for those who are looking for a new approach to combing travel and fitness with an easy answer. Go and try it!
Justinna Pank
White and Black Trading 
( This article first appeared in Urban Remedy, July 2016)

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