Hitting the Hong Kong Toy fair


One of the many great benefits of running White & Black Trading is the fun we get to have whilst doing our job!  Each year, we visit some of the biggest exhibitions of new and innovative toys and games in the world.  A few weeks ago, we joined over 50,000 visitors at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, the largest of its kind in Asia, to preview first-hand what’s coming onto the market in 2018.

These fairs are enormous gatherings of toy companies, inventors and manufacturers, each pushing the boundaries of innovation and imagination to bring joy to our kids – our mantra is quality, durability, value and longevity.  As parents, we understand that toys are expensive, so our products must stand the test of time, and enhance, educate or inspire our kids in some way.

With this front of mind, we braced ourselves for the Hong Kong trip, during which we would walk ‘miles of aisles’, in search of the very best on offer.  We loved the drones (Emma had to have the controls pried from her hands), but we’re researching the ins-and-outs of safety regulations here in Singapore before we make a product choice, as aviation rules are evolving as quickly as the the technology itself.

The Micro scooter stand was absolutely brilliant, beautifully displaying the entire range. Crewed by a big team from HQ in Switzerland, there was a big emphasis on the engineering and technology aspects of the products, with design and technical experts from Micro holding visitor’s imaginations as they took everyone (literally) through the nuts and bolts of what makes Micro scooter such an iconic brand.   It was also a great chance to meet up with our fellow counterparts from other countries too. We ended the Toy Fair by going out to dinner with other Micro distributors and the Micro Swiss team where we were treated to a sneak peek of innovations coming soon. Watch this space.

Singapore Bike Show 2017



Scoot Safety Courses

Going away? Don’t forget to take your scooter.

With the summer fast approaching you may be thinking of what to take with you on holiday. If you have young children in tow and worried about how to keep them contented then taking their scooter could just be the option that you are looking for.  Apart from the thrills that kids get from scooting, they also benefit from getting fit, being outside and above all having a sense of independence.  All these things can really change the nature of a family holiday and you will be surprised just how much more as a family you can really do. 
It was two summers ago when we decided to take the children on a city break to Paris. Gabriel, our youngest son then aged 6, was full of energy and how we would keep him occupied, did worry me. With that in mind, and knowing we would be mainly enjoying Parisian life on foot, I decided to take his scooter with us.  I had thought if our plans all go horribly wrong and the children get unbearably fed up with a cultural walkabout, we could always brave the summer queues at Euro Disney. As it turned out we didn’t need the stardust of DisneyLand Paris as the children were perfectly happy. If we weren’t going underground to see the Catacombs of Paris, we were rushing in and out of galleries or simply on a coffee and ice cream crawl. This was all made possible because our youngest child was contented, zipping around on his scooter. It was great to see him scooting over many bridges that link the left and right banks together. We were able to stroll in parks; source out lovely restaurants for dinner and felt we could do so much more in one day. At last, retro family life was back in. Since then, Gabriel’s scooter has been a well travelled piece of kit and comes everywhere with us. Last summer we visited the Edinburgh Festival, and Gabriel enjoyed himself scooting zig zag style in between all the street artists. We are now packing his scooter with us for this summer’s trip.
Emma, my business partner mentioned this week that she was taking her children’s scooters to Cornwall for their annual summer break. Cornwall is situated in the rugged southern western tip of England and often gets the best of the UK’s weather. Emma says that scooting allows them to spend long family day trips outside making the most of the local summer daylight hours (not to mention getting in some surfing practice on the scooters!). She added, scooting makes going to the beach a breeze, as the children can be independent and scoot there. 
Whether you are braving a long haul flight with children or just a short hop the process of travel is the same. Delays at airports can happen regardless of your length of journey and these too can become easier if the children can scoot around airport terminals and release some energy. With your children happy, you too, can enjoy your flat white or even long black while its still hot! So if you’re off somewhere nice, safe travels and happy scooting!
Justinna Pank
White and Black Trading 
(This article first appeared in Urban Remedy, June 2016)