Let’s roll with the EzyRoller this Summer

Let’s roll into the Summer with the new EzyRoller Collection. We have never been surrounded by so many EzyRoller colours and models. We are thrilled to announce that we have recently taken over this brand and will represent it here in Singapore and Malaysia. Have a look at our collection which consists of the Classic, the Pro and the Drifter and watch the movie coming up on some EzyRoller activities for your children to do over the summer holidays.

We wish you lots of rolling summer fun!

Choose Your Model

Have a look at the three different types of EzyRollers available. They all come with pole extensions to fit the required leg length as your family grows.

The EzyRoller Collection

How To Ride The EzyRoller

It does not have chains or pedals. You simply sit on it and propel yourself using the back and forth motion of pushing with your feet.  Watch the EzyRoller in action.

Learn EzyRoller Skills

Watch this short movie and pick up some activities and skills on the Ezyroller. Great fun for the summer holidays to do on your own or with friends.

Meet the Inventor

The EzyRoller is a multi award winning ride-on machine that has gained worldwide success. It was invented in 2009 by New Zealander, Denis Allais. We discovered the Ezyroller when out shopping and one of our children saw it and would not actually get off it. An argument started and it was then we realized that it was going to be a huge hit and sourced it through our own channels. It wasn’t until recently that we gained sole distribution of the EzyRoller. Denis has now invented more designs to accommodate older children, adults and for those wanting a faster ride. We spoke to him last week and he reveals that he is inventing another model which will be out next year. Here we are with him at the Nuremberg Toy Fair.












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