e-micro one is about to be unleashed

Light, electric and revolutionary: The new e-micro ONE may look like a normal Micro scooter, but it isn‘t.

Micro have created the first motion-controlled electric scooter, where every kick or push starts the motor and gives you additional speed, with a maximum of 20 km/h possible.

Be part of future mobility and enjoy our lightweight 6.3 kg scooter wherever you go. You can even ride the e-micro as a normal scooter without the motor!

The e-micro one has already been Hugh Jackman. We simply call it the sexiest scooter alive!

It has a fast charging battery which can be fully charged in little over an hour and will last about 20km

The e-micro has a discrete LED built into the deck which shows how much charge is left and what speed setting the scooter is set at.


WARNING: This is not a toy, for adults only!

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